Sound Lab Electrostatic Speakers For Sale At Modern Sounds

June 26, 2015

For the finest in electrostatic speaker technology, Modern Sounds is proud to represent Sound Lab in Canada. 

Designed by Dr. Roger West, Sound Lab manufacturers the very best electrostatic speakers. Audiophiles have appreciated Sound Lab speakers for years and they are the only full range, single transducer speaker in existence.

Dr. West holds a unique PhD degree that combines concentrations in several topics related to acoustics and engineering.

" My Ph.D. was a special situation and a mix of electronics and acoustics along with psycho-acoustics.  In a sense, I was trying to cover the greater sciences that would be important for speaker development."
Dr. Roger West - Sound Lab

Everyone who is serious about audio, should have the opportunity to enjoy these remarkable speakers at least once in a lifetime. They are so utterly realistic in the way they present music, that once you hear one, it will be impossible to listen to anything less.