Avantgarde Acoustic ZERO1 Horn Loudspeaker System - Now For Sale in Canada

Avantgarde Acoustic ZERO1 Horn Loudspeaker System - Now For Sale in Canada

July 03, 2015

Modern Sounds will be featuring the ZERO 1 PRO by Avantgarde Acoustic. This is a complete redesign of the modern stereo system and it uses several advanced digital and manufacturing technologies to create the perfect, modern, digital loudspeaker.

After reading the review in The Absolute Sound, we decided that this was definitely a speaker that Modern Sounds needed to offer. The Avantgarde Acoustic ZERO 1 PRO is what every true music lover who appreciates design, should have in their own home. It is forward thinking in the extreme, and it works with todays advanced technology seamlessly and easily.

It offers digital solutions to problems that have never been addressed by traditional methods. We imagine this will allow the owner to truly enjoy music in a very modern way and it will be admired and appreciated as a piece of audio art.

The sound is simply incredible and it is one of the very best audio products we have ever heard, regardless of price. Excellence in design and perfection in sound. The Avantgarde Acoustic ZERO 1 loudspeaker.

Avantgarde Acoustic ZERO 1 review in The Absolute Sound


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