New from Sound Lab - The U-4iA Euphoria

September 13, 2015

Sound Lab has been one of our favorite speakers since 2006 and they are introducing a new compact line of Sound Lab electrostatic speakers. These new speakers are approximately 60% smaller than the standard U-1PX and A-1PX panels yet they have exactly the same specifications and frequency response. Using Bass Focus Technology, Sound Lab has been able to reduce the size and footprint of their full range, single transducer panel while maintaining low frequency extension.

The first version, the passive U-4iA or Euphoria speaker borrows from the flagship U-1PX statement speaker with a black all metal frame, the Toroid II transformer and the Hot Rod backplate components. Pricing is listed on our web site in Canadian dollars for this first in a new line of compact statement electrostatic speakers.


Also, Sound Lab will be introducing the M-4iA, which is identical to the U-4iA in all respects except that it has wood trim rather than the steel frame. This includes the fully packed electronic backplate mentioned above and is nearly identical in specifications. The wood frame is less expensive than the metal version but every bit a Sound Lab!

Coming soon is a fully active digital version which will combine a 750W mono amplifier with leading edge digital to analog conversion making this new compact statement speaker from Sound Lab the new standard in high-end digital speaker technology.

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