Driven By Passion

AudioQuest is driven by a passion for product performance.

Audio and video reproduction is fundamentally a case of damage control. The signal is at its greatest potential ... is least damaged ... at the source. Great sound and great pictures, music that consumes you, movies that transport you around the universe ... all come from honoring the original signal. It’s an unavoidable fact of life that every component and cable in a system causes distortion, changing the overall character of the signal. These aberrations add up, like layers of dirty glass between you and an image you are trying to see. Better cables, and for that matter better components, cannot improve the signals they carry ... they can only do less harm to those signals and reduce the amount of noise and distortion introduced into a system, thus improving performance.

The goal of high quality components and cables is to be like cleaner panes of glass ... to minimize any alteration or distortion of the signal.

Modern Sounds

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Modern Sounds is a division of Signature Audio Video located in Ottawa, Ontario.