Extreme Digital Hi-Fi


Modern Sounds features leading-edge digital Hi-Fi solutions from Astell&Kern, Audeze, AudioQuest, Avantgarde Acoustic, Devialet, Meridian, Sennheiser and Sound Lab. 

Incredible Sound. Beautiful Design. 

For years, audiophiles have appreciated the very best in sound reproduction. We share your passion for Hi-Fi and all of our audiophile products have been carefully selected and auditioned by our staff so you can expect the very best performance and the highest sound quality. Some of our products have received industry awards for their sound quality and industrial design. All are designed to last and will allow you to experience your music the way it was meant to be heard. 

The award winning design of the Avantgarde Acoustic ZERO 1 loudspeaker employs six amplifiers, six drivers, a full digital to analog converter, and wireless speker connectivity in two compact active horn loudspeakers that will give you an audio experience that is close to the live event itself. Dynamics, realism, presence and transparency unlike any traditional audio system ever before. The use of advanced DSP and computer technology make the ZERO 1 a perfect horn loudspeaker with the speed and transparency of an electrostatic loudspeaker with the dynamics and realism of a spherical horn. Avantgarde Acoustic has created the perfect modern loudspeaker.

Electrostatic loudspeakers from Sound Lab provide legendary performance. Soon, Sound Lab will be introducing a line of powered, computer controlled, digital speakers with improved performance and specifications. All in a smaller, more domestically friendly package. Sign up for the Modern Sounds newsletter to stay informed and to receive updates on this important new, leading-edge audio product.

The new Devialet Phantom combines audiophile sound quality with extreme digital convenience. For the first time, experience ultra-dense sound with physical impact. A power, clarity, and preciseness unlike anything you have ever heard before. Hi-Fi, docks, speakers, cinema. Multi-room. Wireless. Phantom replaces all existing systems.

Several of our products have won prestigious design awards as well as providing the ultimate in sound reproduction. To take full advantage of some of todays best high-resolution music, either through downloading or streaming services, we invite you to try one of these fabulous products today.