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 Simply put, the Mytek Manhattan II DAC is the best digital-to-analog converter we have heard. We have compared it to nearly everything available on the market today including some very expensive hand-built DACs and every time the Mytek comes out on top. It offers the greatest realism with incredible dynamics and crystal clear transparency while offering the smoothest, most natural sound imaginable. If you are using Roon the optional Mytek Network Card is a must and the sonic improvement over what is already a top-shelf USB DAC is remarkable.

The Brooklyn DAC+ offers similar sound to the Manhattan II DAC at a more affordable price and it can form the centerpiece of a great audio system. Use it as a DAC/headphone amplifier or as a system DAC/preamplifier with the addition of a stereo amplifier. The phono stage allows you to connect your turntable as well. The Brooklyn DAC+ is versatile and offers excellent sound quality.


Both offer MQA decoding and both PCM and DSD playback. These Mytek digital-to-analog converters/headphone amplifiers/preamps come with our highest recommendation. We invite you to audition one today.

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