Portable Audio


Modern Sounds features portable audio from Astell & Kern, B&O Play, Bluesound, FiiO, Peachtree, Sonos & RIVA. 

Incredible Sound. Beautiful Design. 

Your music on the move. We lead busy lives and a part of modern life is movement. To and from work, while on vacation or simply taking it easy around town. Our portable players and headphone DAC/amplifiers allow you to listen to high resolution wherever you may be. Whether connected to your existing phone with a headphone amplifier or a a beautifully designed stand-alone high-resolution player you will be enjoying your music wherever you may find yourself.

Several of our products have won prestigious design awards as well as providing the ultimate in sound reproduction. To take full advantage of some of todays best high-resolution music, either through downloading or streaming services, we invite you to try one of these fabulous products today.