H15NC Headphones

Active Noise-Canceling & Noise-Isolating On-Ear Headphones

Designed for life. Endorsed by science. While celebrity endorsements have made headphones a fashion statement, sound quality is often overlooked. We think headphones should sound as good as they look.



An active noise-cancelling headphone with a dual microphone design. Equipped with in-line remote and microphone compatible with Apple devices and most smart phones. 


Noise-isolating model equipped with in-line remote and mic and compatible with all Apple devices and most smart phones.

Superior Quality

For those who know that better audio always makes for a better experience. H15NC and H15 headphones are for you if you want

  • Superior sound quality
  • Sophisticated good looks
  • An established brand name with a 30-year track record of award-winning sound innovation.
  • Ergonomics that deliver comfort even during extended listening.

The H15NC and H15 are designed to give you the very best audio experience available in a portable, private listening format. 

Design Features


Comfort-Tilt™ adjusts to ear contours ensuring a noise-isolating seal.


Flexible headband accommodates a full range of head sizes without adversely affecting the frequency response curve. ‘Just-right’ compression fit ensures comfort during extended listening sessions.

Fine Adjustment

FlexiPoint™ slider, incrementally indexed to accommodate varying head sizes.

The Inside Story

Three layers of contoured foam: Memory foam provides a layer of comfort, high-density foam prevents low-frequency “bottom out” and the closed-cell layer isolates and attenuates background noise. 

Paradigm's Seal of Approval

If the seal between ear and earcup is not perfect, bass performance will be compromised. In fact, you could lose as much as 10 dB (or more) of bass. Unlike many headphones on the market and despite the variations in human ear sizes and shapes, Paradigm’s design boasts a perfect seal. Frequency response is rich, deep, authentic and free from ambient noise and audible distortion.

Feature Comparison Chart


Dual microphone design with Active Noise Cancelling (NC) Technology
On-board NC user interface with Blue LED ON Indicators
In-line remote and mic: Take calls, change tracks and adjust volume via remote
Breathable protein leather ear cups with Comfort-Tilt™ adjustment
Soft synthetic leather ear cups with Comfort-Tilt™ adjustment
Adjustable Flexi-Point™ sliding headband
Die-cast and composite construction
Composite construction
Detachable in-line remote and tangle-resistant mic cable
Gold-plated 3.5-mm 4-conductor plug (right angle)
Fold-flat design
Airline adaptor (dual 3.5-mm mono jacks)
Hard-shell padded travel case
Travel pouch
Long-life rechargeable lithium battery (non-removable)



Supra-aural active noise-cancelling technology. Dual microphone design. In-line remote and microphone. Solid aluminum and composite construction. Breathable protein leather earcups with Comfort-Tilt™ earcup. Flexi-Point™ headband. Fold-flat design.

Frequency Response   On-Axis

20 Hz — 20 kHz

High Frequency Driver

1.5-inch / 40-mm mylar

Sensitivity   Room / Anechoic

106 dB NC off / 105 dB NC on / 


26-ohms NC OFF / 150-ohms NC ON

Maximum Input Power

15 mW


Black & Silver

  Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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