Astell&Kern 2nd Generation Cradle

Same Aluminum Body as the AK120Ⅱ. Detailed design with a combination of light and shadow when shown at different angles takes on a different shape. The back design is reminiscent of the bridge of a string instrument. An aluminum connector provides a truly luxurious and perfect connection.

Oxygen-free copper cable

Used with AK120Ⅱ

Not only for use as a docking station, but also for use as 
a USB DAC and charging station.

Charging / USB DAC via USB cable

Feel the edge in every angle step.
May be used with different tilt angles in 5 different positions.

5 step adjustable angle

The USB cable currently used in existing Astell&Kern cradles has a ground line surrounded by 4 lines data and power lines tied together to avoid extraneous noise. In this case extraneous noise can be blocked, but the internal lines can exchange noise from the inside. The data transfer lines and power transfer lines have been separated to avoid internal noise in the newly produced Astell&Kern USB cable.

The 2 data lines are tied up and are shielded with a ground for the data. The 2 power lines are tied up and are shielded all together. Silver-plated OFC cable was adopted and the cable thickness has been changed to meet each line’s purpose. More precise use of the Astell&Kern player as a USB DAC is possible with this newly adopted Astell&Kern cable.


Model PEM11 / Astell&Kern AK120Ⅱ, AK100Ⅱ Cradle
Dimension 71.45(W) x 124.2(H) x 52.7(D) (mm)
Weight 37g
Step 1 ~ 5 Step
Cable Data 28awg Silver Plated OFC copper
Cable Power 20awg Silver Plated OFC copper

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